Here you can find virtual spaces related to jobs, ideas, creators – that places you can expose your talents and skills and make money online.

  • BountyItA platform where people get rewarded for their feedback, ideas, and skills.  Users compete for bounties of cash that businesses or people put up.
  • GumRoadGumroad enables creators to sell directly to their audience — so that they can make a living doing what they love.
  • MicroWorkersMicroworkers work earn or offer a micro job.
  • mturk Amazon Mechanical Turk – The online market place for work We give businesses and developers access to an on demand scalable workforce Workers can work at home and make money by choosing from thousands of tasks and jobs.
  • ShorttaskShortTask connects online job seekers with providers.
  • RapidWorkers – Quality micro jobs at low cost.
  • DeskLancerCrowdsourcing for small business.
  • JobBoySmall Jobs Made Easy Home.
  • ZaarlyBuy from amazing local service providers.
  • 99Design –  Get a design you’ll love
  • Taskrabbit –  Find safe, reliable help in your neighborhood
  • Zazzle – Shop Millions of Art Products