Alternative Fiverr Review – ItMicroJobs

itmicrojobs is a virtual marketplace where you easily can dig out the most of your talents/skills. Enabling home bound people, students and freelancers to get introduced to an extremely viable platform for a permanent and hugely profitable source of income, we pride ourselves in creating unlimited scope for business growth. Right from social media strategies, bookmarking, graphic designing, content creation to numerology, product review, origami or any other skill, has an exhaustive range of services offered by trustworthy and highly professional people at a reasonable price ($5 up to $95). Termed as ‘Jobs’, these services and/or items are delivered keeping intact our assurance for quality and professional standards followed by our users.

Alternative Fiverr Review – ItMicroJobs

FiveStead General Information

Website sloganFiveStead - micro jobs for people by people
Website scriptFiverr script
Domain Registration 2012-08-25
Currency US Dollar
Price Range $5 - $50

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I will record a professional voice over up to 60..

I will configure Freepbx or Elastix Pbx

I will create a killer SEO report on any website…

I will increase 18000 real looking twitter…

I will build a network / VPN for you or offer you…


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Country : United Arab Emirates


Phone Number:+971.503871389



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Updated on January 27,  2014.